Main topics:

(1) Aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, including wake modeling and analysis.

(2) Structural design and aeroelasticity.

(3) VAWT drivetrains & their major components, advanced loads and control strategies, including both active and passive approaches.

(4) Offshore support structures and foundations including fixed-bottom and floating platforms.

(5) Novel VAWT architectures and configurations.

(6) System-level design studies and optimization.

(7) Cost analysis and making the business case for offshore VAWTs.

(8) Industry activities including technology demonstrators and industry perspective.

Abstract submission:

You are warmly invited to submit an abstract of your work by April 22, 2016. Accepted abstracts will be assembled in a book-of-abstracts. Full papers are also invited, with the possibility of publication in open-access journal Wind Energy Science (